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The feelings inside my heart

I can wait for another day

Yes, I am waiting,

Even though I am hoping

That your love is true,

My heart is confused

My mind full of thoughts

Thoughts of denial and believed

That you will be mine


someday you will come to me

To offer your love to marry me

If it will be happening,

That is time I believe

In the name of love

there is forever.

But now it 's just a puzzle

I do not know the definite answer

I do not know yet, when it happen.

I am afraid and I need to be strong

Yes. I'm willing to wait,

But no exact date, the day the time and years,

Until when? I don't know the answer.


When I'm confused

When I'm tired, you inspired me

When I am about to give up you make me strong

In the name of love there are many trials

I understand

Love is not a fun

I need to be brave and understand

Someday you and me will be together

That's our destiny forever.


May be it's my imagination

Your voice is like a song

You laugh it is like the birds sing a song

I smile anywhere when you are here

How I feel happy before,

But now no more

You give me hope all along

Your love and care I've been experienced

Now you change along the way

Your love is like a rain

that fade while at the end

Your sweetness change to sour

The taste of sugar become salted now

Your love is lacking

Why it was happened?