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The Era That India Is Going Through Today.

Laxmikant Shukla is a professional writer whose many books and novels published earlier in newspapers and magazines he is a creative writer.

This poem is being presented underlining the suffering that India is going through today and the crisis of identifying those who caused such calamities.

People with me are missing,

Where can I go alone at the night?

There are many roads but all are surrounded by darkness.

How long should I stand in the hope of some light?

Eagles, crows, vultures are all hovering in the sky

A screaming cry is clashing with the ears

People are all in a blind distance away.

How should I help, which way should I go at night?

As the religions increase in money

By the way - Darkness has increased by night

This night's owl has become the watchman of this night

People are all asleep when the feet are torn when it is morning.

Every day these sleeping houses are being broken into

Thieves are carrying a lot of hard-earned money,

Neither any cock bangs nor redness shimmering somewhere

People are going to sleep changing their sleep.

Where are the problems raining, caused havoc,

There is no time to understand, they run unaware.

Yesterday there were lines of life in front of banks

Now the dead are scattered river-by-drain.

Who ruined spring’s, snatching lives?

The perpetrators are definitely the misdeeds of our country

It is a duty to punish the murderer appropriately

But the first condition, identify them.

People with me are missing


© 2021 Laxmikant Shukla

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