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The Enemies of Men

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


Men's enemies

Men's enemies blow up in women
They tell the story of the prisoner and the prisoner.
They write all kinds of novels.
Not with their fingers but with the whispers of Jinn
Not by them
As we exhort the pot from the Jinn of Solomon
Whispering in their ears
Novels flourish and spread over a body. Leila
On a loose nightgown before the violence
Laila sits in front of the window


Rain is present in all poems or thoughts
Rain is light and thunder is absent without news
Lightning is ... a dim light shaft petting her feelings
It is as if someone who writes will melt away after a while
From the tenderness of the longing we will write it. Adoration
The novel is in the middle and Lili embraces the stars
Covered with space and the freedom of roses
Laila loves the silence of the night
The meaning of its name is the trance of wine
Laila loves the sea Leila has been dreaming for years
Lily in the novel loves everything madly
Only the poor man is the man who is tired
Laila walks slowly and looks at times
The loose dress will follow after a while
Is the ratio of gravity and rotation of the earth
The most beautiful Laila before the relative time (before the dress followed)
Laila and the table sat in the colors
Fruits and grapes as a table from the sky
The table has two chairs
One for Laila and the other for science
The commandment, O Laila, love is science
Why shy, Laila, when eyelids trembled
any question ....
Only I would say what about the kiss where the lips meet
What is this, Laila, what do you say?
Do not think about such a mold
The mouth of the man and his breath are diphtheria and pus
But we did not forget you and we made you a man without hypocrisy
The man of our company is the dream of every woman
The smell of his mouth is not a French perfume this time
His body rate has all kinds of orders
You are not denied any request
And you can buy the number you want
So more than four
And if you refuse one day
Contact us and we will disable it
The battery is the best battery for a week
And if you ask for more than one man, you will have another man for free
All colors are available ... just call 0
The short story is over
Are you happy, Laila

© 2018 tabouche amin

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