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All the police in my eyes

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


The despicable... And safety belt

My dreams are many and strange
I do not live without a dream even when I walk
I dream of a dream or two and one of them
is to buy a car
A car understands me as a Camaro
And achieve the dream. I bought it
Not Camaro. But from her relatives
wait wait
From this who entered the dream
Of this despicable who asks me
In my car on the seat belt
I did not know I was dreaming ..
With a despicable meeting
Who invented the car belt
Did not you know that in my country despicable
Who are you from where you come from
Do you fear my life more than me
Is the government afraid of my life?
Do not give me the government from its coffers
Some money to enjoy life
Or is it freedom and its stupid inventions
Seat belt at 10 km / h speed
This is not law but slavery
They gave us the freedom to put on the belt
Like all stupid freedoms
And remove this despicable from me
All the police in my eyes
Except this despicable, and they brought him out of my dream
remove this despicable from me

© 2018 tabouche amin

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