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The Days Before The Odds.

Try to find beauty in everything and you will get heaven on Earth.


The Old Is Coming Back

I really start feeling like,

The old is coming back.

Not the bad one ,

No it's the old one,

The one before the odds.

It's the night that I loved ,

Night before the dawn.

The dawn that gave me so much,

That I can't even spawn.

The nights were the best,

Because the day not existed

for the rest.

So I loved the night,

More than the bright.

The dawn gives you the light,

And feels like a drug.

Making you addicted for new.

But then there is night,

Free of all the Chaos

Giving you the wings to be you.

So it is ,

The brightness that fades,

But the darkness remains.

Remains till the eternity,

With me so silently.

© 2021 Manavaditya

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