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The day you walked away

I heard you on the phone with her

You spoke in soft, low whispers

" I'll see you as soon as I can"

Your words sounded so tender.

Hor tears formed in my eyes, and

slowly ran down my cheeks ,

I couldn't move as I listened in,

words of love not meant for me.

I tried so hard to walk away,

I didnt want to hear how you no longer loved me ,

how you you no longer cared,

how I made your life so miserable and and you couldnt bear to stay.,

How it it would be bestterfor all concerned if you just went away.

My legs went suddenly numb as I slid to the floor,

a huddled mass drowning in tears, I couldnt take anymore.

You didnt even look at me, as you walked out the door,

while I lay there, begging you, dying on the floor.

© 2022 christalluna1124

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