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The Day It All Stops

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What would you do if you knew when you died?

An expiry date

The day it all stops

Your existence!

Tick Tock

Click Clack

Round and round it goes

With every second meaning a second closer to death

Will knowing comfort you, or

Will the wait gnaw at your mental health?

Would you strive to get things off your bucket list?

Create lasting memories with your loved ones, or

Break down in agony, try to cheat death

Running in the opposite direction

Would you strengthen your faith?

Start reading religious books

Praying and singing praises to God, or

Would you hit a downward spiral?

Blaming everything and everyone around you

Would mundane things still matter to you

Money, sexual pleasure

Watching the game, getting that pedicure, or

Would you shut yourself from the world?

Asking yourself questions like what does death feel like

What comes after, the whole dynamics of it


Time is running out, how desperate do you get?

What would you be willing to do not to make it stop?

Time to accept fate?

To take solace in the fact that it's all going to stop

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