My Closet!

Updated on December 17, 2017

My Closet!

My closet!

Life is hard, but that's great!

My desires are not to be shared.

To the sacred beliefs, and to my social construction,

I'm supposed to stay still.

Follow the truth behind blue and pink,

Because that's what is supposed I should.

Will we grow? That's the question misunderstood.

My journey as big as it could, surrounded by duties that are ought to be full.

It doesn't take a womb to cook, but that's another derogation they suppose.

I'm my sister's, brother's and even my father's mother,

Because my motherhood comes inbuilt.

To all the anatomy misunderstood,

Let's all discuss the difference between sex and gender,

And let me laugh to those who consider this as same,

Because that's the only thing I suppose they could.

The day pink will turn blue and blue will turn pink,

We'll all play with dolls and guns,

That will be the day, the difference will be understood.

And I hope till you're not turned to grey!

© 2017 Niharika Dutt


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