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What Is This Thing Called Blind Love !


Photographs and Metaphors are the only empowered source which he uses oftenly and experience incredible satisfaction through his work.

The body which it touches, the body which knows


The One Who's Gone

You were not all about the worst part of my life.
The whole world is assuming me to be unbothered, to be numb or coldhearted by your departure.
But what they don't understand that all I feel is 'stillness', like you have gone and have 'paused' my emotions to experience any feeling.

The One Who's Gone

You had been really kind to me more than ever any man in this entire planet.
Yet you turned out to be a horrible monster.
You even attempted to cut every possible supply of kindness;
what could've helped me to feel less terrible about all those miseries that you had brought into my life.

The One Who's Gone

You came on my doorsteps to redeem. I opened my gates for the sake of your peace whilst strangling my own emotions.
However, lately I had decided to helped my own self as well; to heal and liberate from all bitterness that you instilled in me. I had been waiting for the right moment to communicate with you.
As I wanted to get rid of the baggages of distrust that had brought toxic in every connection I tried to work on.

The One Who's Gone

Since you're gone now. I've been feeling terribly unfinished.
I wanted to have answers. I wanted you and myself to confront.
I wanted to tell you that how vital you've been to my existence.
How I encountered with the very god in you. What went wrong. How we let the the demons stirred the egoistic storm into us. And how we turned our worlds upside down.

The One Who's Gone

People remember what you did to me.
They couldn't help about it except cursing you.
But what they are forgetting is how you had watered my roots;
when the world had abandoned my fragile existence right in the lap of terribly drastic drought.

The One Who's Gone

The wounds in my back bleed in poisonous fluid.
Yes right where you stabbed in the name of blind love.
Its rotting and engulfing my youth. The world has been failed to bring healing because it is you who always carried the cure. Now just tell me which door I should knock at and ask why you have gone?

The One Who's Gone

I forgive you. I accept the immortal reality of every being as I need to move on.
I look above the sky and whisper "your soul will be resting under the shade of soothing Love". And I wish when you will bite on the divine fruit; the juice fragment would give you the nostalgia of the one whom you have left behind "unfinished"; in the name of yours blind love.

The One Who's Gone

I Wish *sigh*
It was you who could have been writing this Poem
And Wishing
Why I have Gone.

To the One Who's Gone


Friday 8pm, 6th Mar 2020


A Closure Note of Blind Love.

When you heard about the death of someone who used to be the closest person in your life then a flashback of memories run back in your head like some movie. This tale is about the experience which does not just carry memories but regrets, guilts too; in the form of secrets, confessions and a wish that "what if I'd have forgiven us already".

Yes I couldn't forget and forgive truly that I found no other escape. So the old wound had started bleeding again. But this thoughtful attempt of writing the unspeakable with the help of metaphors has been source for me to feel better.

As I have realized that time doesn't heal anything, you decide to do.


Sehar Nadeem from Stoke On Trent on December 29, 2020:

A good poetic confession. Ending of your writing is really nice.

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