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The Bittersweet Effects of Sublime Love

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Matchless spring

Love is like a spring of freshness,
its intensity lies in the flashes projected
from the sun to the crystal clear water of the soul.
It is incomparable, the intensity of tears or laughter
that can provoke this sublime feeling.

Can take us to the sky
or tear our lives apart.
Can fulfill our desires,
or destroy us in life.

Squeeze or batter the heart,
with its gentle notes.
Hypnotizes the conscience,
and vivid dreams of sunshine.

Merge the soul to another soul,
they both hug,
in the distance or near,
both merge,
in matter or fantasy.


A goddess in waiting

Yes! I will cover you with the yellow arms of the proud star,
and my smile will be the enemy of your sadness that opaque
It will hide in the shadows of nowhere.
You Come! runs through my sinuous goddess curves in waiting.
You Come! shares with your senses the pleasure of the valleys and secrets
that surround my paradise covered with attraction.

I will please you and wrapped in the capricious turns of my gaze,
painted with suns and new moons, I will magnetize you, supreme, Iglorious!
O love of the centuries! I appease your fire with the concordant notes, of my present and past kisses.

Hug me! and let me feel the suffocating pleasure of your being.
Don't get rid of me! Break me into a thousand pieces of love.
And let us mix our souls in the sublime essences of the cosmos.


A city girl who forgets

A great cloud of oblivion spreads...
I see you and my psyche or my thoughts are not altered
and calm they observe the landscape that surrounds you.
Several worlds surround you,

you will choose the one that suits your emotions or interests.

The quiet city yawns with morning smoke,
factories add accents to the city atmosphere.
People in a hurry walk, and drive...

Uniformed, and civilians, in scattered social classes,
They manifest their existence,

forming the routine and boring crowd of every day.


You lost me

Have not you noticed,
or maybe you already it know:
you lost me.
Even though you never had me.
You lost me,
and that's why it sounds sad.

You lost me.
you won't find me anymore
willing to you,
and the clouds of light will dissipate.

You lost me,
before, the rivers were transformed
in dreams of abstract skin.
and the cotton rained
in puffs of pleasant snow.
The sun disintegrated emotions.

You lost me.
The levitation culminated its destiny: in nothingness.
You lost me.
and the mysticism I ignore.
You lost me, and the allergy is accentuated.
You lost me forever.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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