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Bitter Side of Love

I am a Food scientist, who enjoy reading and writing articles and poetry.

The pleasure of love lasts but a moment . Pain of love last a lifetime - Bette Davis

She was a beautiful butterfly floating by

I was enchanted by her beauty

Astonished, when the wind of fate

blew her to my blossom

In a twinkle of an eye we kissed

even before our love began

She was my goddess

I was her slave never to be redeemed.

Love makes our world a beautiful place

Love makes our world a beautiful place

Broken heart, soul and body

Broken heart, soul and body

She made me swore allegiance

Forsaking everything and clinging to her

When I thought I had her to myself

Like the bees crave for nectar

she went seeking for pleasures

From other men

Thorns pierced my hand

While I held onto roses

To appease her cravings

Yet she cuddled them in her arms

Which was my fottress.

The pain love puts us through

The pain love puts us through

Like a small child pleading to his father,

the harder I tried the farther she sailed away

The dew, sunrise and sunset

Soiled my reputation

As I stayed all night at the shore

Waiting for her return.

"My once crystal heart is an

empty palace

now flooded with loneliness."-Gani Isaac

She left me with a bleeding heart

no one can cure

And scare that will torment me


© 2021 Gani Isaac Agbu


Gani Isaac Agbu (author) from Taraba, Nigeria on August 24, 2021:

Thank you sir.

@ manatita44 for the comment and correction.

Comprehending spiritual love is still a mystery.

manatita44 from london on August 24, 2021:

Yes, Spiritual Love but not human love. As long as one is separated from God, but then in Freedom, the Boddisatva returns and like Christ, he also feels a different kind of heavenly pain, springing from Love's Compassion for Its creation.

You show much potential in your writing.

"My crystal heart is like a empty stage

now corrupted by loneliness." - Gain Isaac

I have corrected the spelling on the last line for you. I will also say, 'cage', or 'prison', not 'stage.' Yet positive would be best here. Look at my attempt:

"My once crystal heart is an empty Palace,

Now flooded with loneliness."

"Prose is words in their best order.

Poetry is the best words in their best order." - Coleridge.

Think of this when you write poetry.

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