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Life Through the Eyes of an Artist

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

Life Through the Eyes of an Artist | Pinterest

Life Through the Eyes of an Artist | Pinterest

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”

— Pablo Picasso

The Art of Living Is in the Art of Painting

Each painting contains a whole life, which is a mystery.

Pain and doubts, as well as hours of elation and light.

Color is a way to influence the soul directly.

As for the soul, it's a piano with many strings.

Musicians use their hands to play notes, causing vibrations in their soul.

Girl Playing Piano | Pinterest

Girl Playing Piano | Pinterest

Well-painted pictures don't need to have exact values, or

a near scientific distinction between warm and cold tones.

If anything in this world craves beauty, and

knows how to achieve it, it is the human soul, of course.

When it comes to art, no limitations can be placed on it.

Green, white, red, black, and a variety of blue shades.

An artist with a keen ear and an open mind created a lasting impression.

Even the tiniest strokes might result in a life-changing event.

The artist must not only train his brain; he must also train his soul.

As the world grows more terrifying, the abstract art becomes more frightful.

Abstract Jazz Painting | Pinterest

Abstract Jazz Painting | Pinterest

Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult and pure

It screams and yell, it requires that you know how to draw well, that

you have a greater sensitivity to composition and colors, ​

and that you are a true painter who knows how to color

The artist must be blind to the forms already known or less known,

deaf to the theories and should know the time is not gone.

He must fix his eyes on his inner life, listen to inner necessity.

Abstract painting is the most challenging of all the arts.

He must be able to draw well and paint in order to take part.

Composition and color sense, and that painter see himself as he is a poet.

Unaware of what is already known or unknown must be the artist's state of mind.

Blind to the ideas and desires of his time.

Focus on his inner self and feel like everything is mine.

The Vibrant Colors of Life | Pinterest

The Vibrant Colors of Life | Pinterest

The soul has its own language. Is there a daily bread for the soul?

Same goes for Chromatic tonality and Musical tone

because they provoke feelings that are difficult to put in words

With time, each tone is likely to have its own material and verbal expression.

I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.

— Frida Kahlo

Paint strokes can be equally dangerous in two ways:

Colors are used freely and abstractly in "geometric" modes on the right.

This image shows a more realistic usage of "physical" colors on the left.

A wide variety of options exists between these two extremes:

It's as though he's got everything he needs there in front of him.

Geometric Painting | Saatchi Art

Geometric Painting | Saatchi Art

It takes longer to follow a straight line than to follow a curve.

no matter how similar the lengths are, as well as a more skewed curve.

The longer it continues to grow, Time can be used in many ways in the line.

I hope until this time you are feeling fine.

Man is drawn to infinity by darker shades of blue,

Blue, the pure, spiritual and ultimately the supersensible,

Think of a picture of a sky, this is what it looks like.

Gray is mute and motionless, its stillness does not resemble that of green.

Green is an active color, the picture of nature all around it.

As a result, the color gray represents a state of hopeless inaction.

The darker the gray gets, the more desolation and suffocation.

The Shades Of Blue | Pinterest

The Shades Of Blue | Pinterest

Be green, be blue, be all vibrant colors, my friends,

turn the darkest gray into brightest blue, there is an artist hiding inside you.

For you are an artist with a canvas, a brush, and color palette,

breathe energy into life by painting it with endless gorgeous strokes of vivid hues.

Paint yourself and the world around you, Because you are beautiful and the world needs you.

If colors were not important, God could have made the entire universe colorless. Color calms the soul. The bright blue sky, Golden sunshine, white dazzling stars, yellow autumn leaves, and green plants all say a lot to those who listen to them. An artist sees things not only with his eyes, but also with his soul's eyes. Accept all of the colors of nature, from dark to bright. Be an artist and paint the canvas of life using all the colors in the most beautiful and vibrant way possible.

— Misbah

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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