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The Affection of a Child


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The affection of a child

The affection of a child is so pure ...
Is so cute!
It displace greatly ,
spontaneou and free of hypocrisy;

With chortling of sun of days.
The love of a child is so pure;
Is so cute!

It cover bed sheets of tenderness,
even to the dark mind;
even to the sad look.
purifies it , making it free;
transforming a shrunken heart;
in a bird full of love.

The love of a child is so pure;
Is so cute!
He delivers it in spurts,
without any hint of selfishness;
from the plethoric forest of
Hugs, smiles and kisses ...

Shine it the greenness in loves;
where the hermetism rests eternal,
and extends its branches, the extroversion;
adorned with a fruit playful.


Aurora of sun

Small dream light,
Tender and beautiful tenderness.
you are from the borders, a dream,
in colors of a star.

Cute and sweet baby girl,
little baby of my love,
look at me between lights,
You are my aurora of sun.


Venus Mary (author) from Panamá on October 08, 2018:

Thank you, friend Tim, for your words. That's right, children are the same as angels, they make our lives happy.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on October 08, 2018:

So true, every word, Venus.

I loved your style here.

All I could think about is wanting to hold my infant grandson.

Such power and purity ran throughout this work.

A master poet you are, my friend.

Now, to call my son to see my grandson.

Much respect and admiration,



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