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Childhood Lasts Eternal in the Heart

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The affection of a child

The affection of a child is so pure ...
Is so cute!
It displace ,
spontaneou and free of hypocrisy;

With chortling of sun of days.
The love of a child is so pure;
Is so cute!

It cover bed sheets of tenderness,
even to the dark mind;
even to the sad look.
purifies it , making it free;
transforming a shrunken heart;
in a bird full of love.

The love of a child is so pure;
Is so cute!
He delivers it in spurts,
without any hint of selfishness;
from the plethoric forest of
Hugs, smiles and kisses ...

Shine it the greenness in loves;
where the hermetism rests eternal,
and extends its branches, the extroversion;
adorned with a fruit playful.


Aurora of sun

Small dream light,
Tender and beautiful tenderness.
you are from the borders, a dream,
in colors of a star.

Cute and sweet baby girl,
little baby of my love,
look at me between lights,
You are my aurora of sun.


The childhood

Childhood is walking,
over the mountains of time.
The sun burns on the canvas;
of the eras and routines of suns.

Small steps;
they multiply sands and dawns.
The hours ask for patience,
to the letters that bloom you wait.

An opaque star shines in the distance;
the splendor of it comes
to polish his temples.

Another gold star;
hides the reflections;
of the earthly elements;
thidden, she kiss her freedom.


Diamonds in the night

Diamonds melt into the night.
There is no growing or rational reason,
for a the drizzle of recurring crystals.

It is the attachment to sweetness,
to childhood, Which in inheritage,
unfolds before my eyes.

Projected the blue aura of her innocence
in reflections of yesterday,
her golden figure plays with my memory notes.
And every section of clouds and games
with the dolls is relived.

Childhood returns with the sweet notes
of volatile dreams.
The melodies that return from the past
are mixed with those of the present.
And such a fusion derives a spiritual
and abstract gemstone called: nostalgia.