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The Abstract Painting - A Poem

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.

The Poem

Through rain and storm she walked

And entered his dingy room

“It is now or never,” she thought

Left it to fate to assume

Dark despair in every brush stroke

Faded colors in every solemn touch

The room was filled with nothingness

She couldn’t seem to comprehend much

“Is this really the work of his life?”

Dismayed she turned around with a scorn

A step ahead and lightning struck

Making her weary and forlorn

Spending the night with abstract art

Was the very last thing in her heart

As the storm slashed the window pane

She decided it wasn’t time to part

The hourglass spoke of empty thoughts

Carelessly she glanced at the canvas

The disguised lines straightened out

The shape of a face with an impetus

Curiously she sprang to the mirror

That spoke volumes of her beauty

Of her ageless smile, and tender eyes

And her thick black curls, so cloudy

Jaws dropped, she looked around

The room was filled with reflections

Of her forgotten and lost self

Priced above her own perceptions

A sudden jolt, and bright sunshine

Awoke her from her untimely trance

She graced the paintings around the room

With another mesmerized glance

The paintings sold for thousands

The galleries filled with patrons

The most appraised, however, remained

On her wall, for eons after eons


The story told through this poem reflects the value of abstract art. While patrons of paintings seem to always realize this value, there is a large group of people that condemn abstract art as they are not that simple to understand.

The poem essentially is a story of a painter who passes away unrecognized. His paintings are later discovered by a woman of his acquaintance, and as she walks into his room hoping to see some beautiful paintings, all she sees is abstract art, which makes no sense to her.

After a while, a miracle occurs, and she sees through the storm the real value of the paintings. Lady luck herself visits to restructure some of the colors and shapes of the paintings to reveal the woman's face. She realizes that all this time the painter was in love with her, and could not tell her. So he chose to hide his feelings in his abstract paintings.

She views every single painting with this new outlook, and begins to understand. The paintings are finally highly acclaimed, and sold at exorbitant prices. However, she retains the one painting in which she first saw her face, which made her understand the real worth of abstract art.

© 2011 Rinita Sen

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