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Earth, the Galactic Zoo


Each species of mammal, birds, reptile, and insect,

Every living thing on the planet, zoologically correct.

Vertebrate to invertebrate, all's in their special niche,

Healthy and clean, joys to be seen, this earth enrich.

Human kind to head the list, has a keen responsibility,

A power to save and so preserve, each one's identity.

All, from the time we are born, until the day that we die,

Being fair, so concerned, titles earned, in respectability.


Every organism, the tiniest single-celled to multi-celled,

Dwelling in the oceans, deep, and on the lands, as well.

Rely on the healthy earth, its nourishment, all to provide,

Across wide plains, on mountain tops, are each supplied.

Smallest creatures, as the ant, the butterfly, on us do rely,

The flora and fauna, equal partners, as ones to walk or fly.

The beauty of flowers and green plants, lives in our hands,

The important facts of life, each human being understands.


Each animal and plant, no matter how strange or bizarre,

Deserves a chance in life's incessant dance, as they are.

No changing tides, caused by polluted waters, to invade,

One and all, to have a march in this planets finest parade.

Then one day, years away, when all history, our's left to tell,

Will serve as proof, a grandest truth, we lived our lives well.

We took care of all, did our parts, did preserve in every way,

No matter who, where they are from, words of praise to say.


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