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The Young Girl Willow

Rdsparrowriter is a young woman of faith celebrating people who had inspired her to be better everyday :)



A bed sheet corner wrapped on hair
Immitating to have Rapunzel's long hair
With a red comb kept brushing and brushing
Wearing mom's long blouse she was dancing.

Willow pretends to be the mommy of her sister
She always make special noodles for dinner
She gives me her dolls to put them to sleep
When she announce that it's the moon, we are to sleep.


When she says that the sun has risen
She gets up, wash and dress as we listen
She advice how to look after the children
Until she comes home after work for the children.

She would travel by train and then a taxi
Work and on her way she goes to the food city
Buy a carton of milk, biscuits and veggies
If want to grow up soon need to eat veggies.


When we play 'house' tells me to call her Mommy
And she wanted me to call her little sister Daddy
Willow would call from her phone to inform about the groceries
Her sister, my Daddy brings home the list of all ingredients.

Willow would make cake with correct ingredients
She would bake it and make sugary icing with many colours
She would decorate and you could see her enjoyment
Then she cuts pieces, give each of us to taste and comment.

Little Willow is hospitable like her mommy :)

Little Willow is hospitable like her mommy :)

Her mommy had made her a home with bedsheets
In her toy room filled with balls, dolls, animals and teddies
She had dressed up some Teddies with her own frocks
She cooks, share stories and her imagination rocks :)

Sometimes she is like a Principal correcting her dad
She always says "Don't say naughty words Dad!"
According to her good Jesus' children love both mommy and daddy
So she would always love both Mommy and Daddy :)


She is a poor eater so getting her to eat is a struggle
She loves to sleep with dad as she snuggle
She would always put her legs onto Dad and ask him to scratch
Pricklyheat seems to be so bothersome without a scratch.

She climbs onto me saying she wants to make me flat
But I keep getting massages on my legs as she does that
She calls me "Kosel Aunt" as she can't pronounce my name
Her gigglish laugh, her smiling eyes are beautiful at the same.

This little girl is three and half in age :) Willow is the name that I had given her :) Her first name rhymes with the word Willow :) She is adorably cute :) I was inspired to write this so I thought of sharing with you so this would bring a smile on your face :)

© 2020 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa

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