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The Quick Euphobia

Ruby is a freelance writer from the Philippines. Besides writing, she enjoys studying the Scripture and leads a Bible study group.


The Quick Euphobia

Oh, dainty Euphobia, thou art quick!

Thy lips do rush to say of things that prick.

Yes indeed, thou hast that heart so bold

Yet thou art so short in wisdom of the old.

Thy invisible thorns make thy tiny grasses sick.

Thy fragrance poisons almost everyone

That reaches all around leaving not even one.

Thy thorns grow and pierce thy grasses each day

They prick them from June to May.

Thy odorous air blows day and night

And stings every flower and grass from dawn to twilight.

Oh, mighty Euphobia, I pray that thou wilt be meek

For thy grasses beneath thee are getting so weak.

Thy outward splendor need not thou so much speak

For only thy inner boon thy grasses from thee, seek.

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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