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The Year the World Turned to Chaos (Poem)

This is a Poem written through the mind of a child in their final year of middle school and how Covid changed how they live and think

The Year The World Turned To Chaos






That was my life for all of the year

But when the hands of fate fell on the correct hour

On March 11th on that exact date made craziness grew to power

For I had my last year of middle school ripped away from me

We were all told we would have one month off

Every student's dream

We would have no school

We could relax and maybe take a dip in the pool

But after 1 month turned to 2 months

And 3 months turned into doing school on a computer screen

Life turned rough

And school turned tough

We saw the cruel reality of what it was

It was a disease

A disease to humanity

With the disease being boredom

And boredom grew to sadness

These simple things make me wonder

Wonder if when I grow up

This will all seem like a dream

A dream dreamt from the imagination of a kid

I wonder if I am fortunate

Since I at first hand have not been affected at all by it

No loved ones or friends or family have suffered the effects of it

But my entire world is being turned upside down

Should I go left where nothing's right

Or should I go right where nothing is left

But I know if I stand up

If I don't lose faith

I can overcome this hardship

Because people's lives don't always end when they die

Life ends when they lose faith.

Or will this hardship grow stronger

But we can't worry about that

It is witless to fear what we have yet to see

But in this trying time we need to stick together

We need to share each others pain

Because if you have not shared pain with someone you won't fully understand them

But you must keep your head up

Because those who never acknowledge themselves will always fail

© 2022 Alan Smitheee

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