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The Writer - a Poem About Joy Returning After Loss

The darkness turns to light when we know we have the strength to pick up the pen and write our personal stories again.


The Writer

Not so very long ago

She was wont to sigh and say

“Old age does not come alone.”

She listed her aches and pains

And wondered how many woes

Years she had left to endure

She was not one to inspire

Her story was written on her face

Tired people didn't try to read further


But that was in the shadowy past

She’s blessed by the sunlight in life

Started a fresh captivating chapter

Offers more smiles than frowns

Walks with a spring in her step

Her spine's straight and she's proud

Words like love, wishes and hope

Have meaning for her once again

Today she gives others zest for life


Her resolve is her bookmark

Script ornate, firm and true

Absorbed in possibilities

She’s gone from a dusty tome

To a page turner with fire

She is again the author of her tale

Pen in hand she smiles and writes

Myriad blank pages are hers to fill

Pages she once thought impossible.


© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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