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The Worlds We Create - A Poem

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I'm a young author making a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.

The Worlds We Create

Anything is real if you give it power

The worlds you created in the latest of hours

Something that started out as small has turned into more

And now the reality of it is all I can ask for.

The story has grown for years

Getting me through many fits of tears

A part of my youth belongs to this world

Living in it, going through adolescence in that world.

As the last line is written

Starting in childhood and ending as my adulthood lays unwritten

This world is intertwined with my growth

My characters and I have grown both

Anything is real if you give it power

If you grow with it, the reality is what will shower

Even while the story written may not change again

Our stories continue to be shaped until our “the end.”

© 2021 EL Doll