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The World~Vampire

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[You may have always wondered
why your life seems so empty? Where does your
money (including the taxes you pay) go?
Why there are no improvements happening
in your country?]
It begins with a sensation of being extremely weak,
being anemic. You visit doctors
and go through medical tests; but no
errors are detected.
You google about it — but find nothing
concrete; you decide to go to your local library.
When you arrive at the library, you are naive
and you do not know
that all the libraries in the world
are run by "UFO".
UFO is a casino and lottery syndicate.
No matter where you go, and no matter
what you do (in the world) — you will ever
encounter this organization.
The price of its ticket is a drop of blood.
The syndicate sells this drop of blood to NATO,
and thus encashes it.
It then deposits the money
into the account of the Bill & Melinda Gates

The casinos that UFO runs, are majestic
and fantastic; but it takes a lot of study to learn
the rules of the games that are being played
in those casinos; so
most people participate in a simpler game—
which are the lotteries.
You have become very weak; because you have bought and
participated frequently in the UFO lotteries
over the years; —what have you gained from it?

Astronomy is my hobby, and in my free time
I've discovered a distant planet in the sky: this planet
has rivers that are flowing with artificial blood, that merge
into an artificial blood~ocean.
I'm no James Cameron, and I can not
go to the surface of this planet, yet;
I'm rather spending my time
to invent a shortcut route to this reservoir.
If I succeed, I shall sell you one liter of that type
of blood for 10 dollars.
With that, you can buy numerous lottery tickets.
But you must become my friend
to avail this deal; I do not sell things
to complete strangers.

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