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The World of ISMs


The world of 'ISMs'

There's an awful lot of confusion
With all these 'isms'
Various cues and conflicting views
like white light splitting through the prism
Not engaging in scientific conceptualism
A little word play
and a tiny bit of metaphorism

This, that, anything and everythng
Hype and hullabaloo
and we have activism
Strip to protest and call it feminism
Work culture missing professionalism
Media forgetting journalism
Celebs happy with sensationalism
Bigots engaged in fundamentalism
Then there is evangelism and radicalism
Nothing but religious off-shoots
similar to atheism.

From unfair colonialism
and grip of imperialism
We've moved on to the selfish nationalism,
racism and xenophobism
Not sure if it was rationalism
Populism or nazism
But certainly devoid of humanitarianism
We now wonder in our own utopinism
Isolated in Socialism
Or sold-off to capitalism
The hypocrisy of conservatism
Justify and defend everything by liberalism
It doesn't end there
Tomorrow dawns with a new 'ism'

But then, beyond the criticism
there's a question of existentialism
Eventuality is progressivism
But the ship'
sinking in pessimism
Lacking in idealism
and devoid of opportunism
High on skepticism
All I perceive is nothing but cynicism!!

© 2018 Ashutosh Joshi

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