The World of Warfare

Updated on February 4, 2018
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The age is of peril and we fail not

To drag this peculiar load of uncertainty

That has latched onto us as we trot,

Spelling it out to be the only thing certain.

While I try hard to gaze beyond

The sight that has often kept me mystified,

I find hope not in my grasp as I despond

For all that was is now pulverized and I'm stupefied.

The ticks and tocks in the silence,

With pain and fatigue I acknowledge.

Behold the grief that has come to make its presence,

Disallowing me any sense of anchorage.

A ride of this kind has got me deeply seared

As I forever question both sanity and humanity,

And for my path continues to be steered

By the powers that have made all of this be.


Given our knowledge of History, would you really want another Global Warfare?

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    • xFaheemZ profile image

      xFaheemZ 5 weeks ago

      @Rizwana Zeenath Thanks for your Feedback Rizwana! :)

      I'm happy you liked it!

      I specifically captured the hopelessness of the moment. That's what I wanted to pen down.

      Hope shall always prevail though. Never lose it! :)

    • profile image

      Rizwaana Zeenath 5 weeks ago

      I really love this poem.

      It holds a lot of emotions and faith within.

      It would have been nice if you had ended it with something that shows we are hopeful and in the end everything will be alright.