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The World Keeps Turning

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Yesterday we met,

your sparkling blue eyes –

had me hypnotized.

We tumbled into love,

just like Jack and Jill.

Together we found,

so much delight

and nights of dreamy bliss.

There was nothing to miss,

hand in hand we’d go,

with honey-sweet kisses

and dancing real slow,

just you and I –

as the world kept turning.

Behind we left many footprints,

shared the good times and the bad,

hugged when tears fell

and kept away all our fears.

Silver strands mixed with the gold,

steps slower as time went by,

but the love and the smiles –

were still the same.

Love’s fires continued burning,

even danced in the rain.

to love’s sweet refrain –

as the world kept turning.

It seemed as we went,

our cares were small,

if I stumbled, you were there,

sweet times in the spring,

as tulips began to blossom,

dancing down country lanes,

beneath the summer sun

and sharing kisses,

as colorful fall leaves swirled by.

Walking in the snow,

always the two of us would know,

warm hands are great to hold –

as the world kept turning around us.

Came another blazing summer,

we’d admire the roses,

that in our garden grew.

Along the seashore.

leaving footprints in the sand,

delighting in the cries of gulls above,

while waves washed away,

all signs that we’d once been there.

Dreaming under starry skies,

the scent of jasmine in the air,

serenaded by the song of the nightingale.

There’d never be another summer,

for you and me to greet,

for you left me suddenly,

before the roses began to wilt.

Now your love shines from up above,

your loving whispers,

sent on the wings of a dove.

On and on I go,

my heart full of love,

someday we’ll dance along the Milky Way –

for now, the world keeps turning…

© 2019 Gypsy Rose Lee

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