The World Is Entering Holy Times

Updated on March 27, 2019
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I am a simple girl that has an addiction to God, Christ, And The Holy Universe


Andrew The Apostle , Also Known As Saint Andrew, And In The Eastern

Christian Orthodox Tradition Is Known As

"The First Called"

Andrew Was The Brother Of Peter, Which In Orthodox Tradition

Andrew And Peter Are Called Saints And Are Highly Honored As

Christ Disciples.

Simon Andrew And Peter Were Both Called Together To Become

Disciples Of Jesus Christ And "Fishers Of Men."

Saint Andrews St

On The Street I Use

To Live On

There Are No Saints

Nor Are There Priest

Giving Communion

On One Evening Night

Saint Andrews Street

Became Magical

It Was As Though The Holy Universe

Gates Opened

And Sweet Trumpets Blew

Echoing Melodies

Announcing The Arrival Of Christ And

The Saints

I Could Hear Church Bells

Ringing From All Corners Of

The World

A Mystical Holy Symmetry Gracefully

Orchestrated An Harmonic Symphonic

Sound Across The Moon Lit Skies Of

Saint Andrews St.

Nature Seemed To Whisper Softly

To Me

Behold This Is A Holy Celebration Of Christ

Magical Holy Celebration Of God's

Divine Love

A Moon Light Beam Skipped Across The Grass In

My Yard

Like A Spot Light That Shines In Many Directions On

A Stage

Except This Moon Light Beam Shinned Bright

On A Gorgeous Tall Angel Standing In

My Yard

I Was So Astonished That I Lost

My Breath

And I Lost My Balance

Was I Delusional Or Was

This Real?

I Cried As I Saw Words Scribble Across

My Yards

And A Moon Lit Beam Spot Light Followed

The Writings

Letters Flowed Across

The Grass

I Could Not Comprehend

The Message

In Which I Paced Restlessly In A

Puzzled State Of Mind

Felling In A Swirling Twirling

Complex Daze

I Began Entering A Phase Of

Becoming Frustrated

I Reminded Myself In A Calming Way

This Is Amazing, Your In A

Holy Moment

So I Closed My Eyes And Mind Feeling

Holy Vibrations

Than My Mind Saw The Message Being Sent

To Me

" Churches And Temples Across The World Must Start Revealing The

Holy Cosmic Universe Of Angels And Saints In Their Sacred Masses".

That Is The Message Deep Within

That I Received On This Holy Evening At

Saint Andrews Street

And The Tall Gorgeous Angel Stood In My Yard From

Dusk To Dawn


Holy Universe Bells Echoing

From The Highest

Heavenly Throne Of God

Vibration Sweetly Ringing

A Holy Fragrance

Is Saturating This World

God The Creator Of All

Is Gently

Holding You With


Felt In Churches Temples

And Mosques

All Men Felt This

Holy Vibration

Engulfing There

Entire Essence

It Is A Mystical Magic

Of Peace And Joy That

Will Spread Throughout All Creation

THE Syn Axis Of

Arch Angel Gabriel,

Arch Angel Michael,

Arch Angel Raphael,

And All The Highest

Arch Angel And

Holy Host Powers

Were Messengers Of

This News To The World

All Priest, Preachers, Pastors,

Clergy, Monks, And Nuns

They All Knew Arch Angel Gabriel

Trumpet Is Blowing Loudly

They Were Aware A Message

Of Importance Was Being

Delivered To All Human Beings

The Frustration Dissipated Me

As I Saw Magnificent

Air Crafts Land

In Which Angels Surrounded

These Intricate Air Craft

The Holy Universe Cooperation

From All Planets

Were Arriving

And I Saw Brides

With Beautiful White Gowns

Representing Intense Purity

They Were So Beautiful That

Love Radiated From Them

I Felt So Many Mix Feelings

I Felt Joyful Tears And I

Was Mad At Myself For

Not Recognizing God, Christ

And The Holy Angels Were

Honoring Me By Allowing Me

To Witness The Arrival Of The

Bride Groom

Many Mystical Things Happened

At 99 Saint Andrews Street

That Was Trying To Prepare Me

For The Arrival Of Christ

Something Within Knew Christ

When He Arose He Became

Ruler King Of The Universe

And Was Always Involved

In Our Lives

And I Recall On My Search

For Churches, Temples, Mosques

Trying With A Passionate Burning

To Know God

My Years Of Search I Would

Leave These Churches, Temples,

And Mosques Going Home

And Getting On My Knees In Tears

Apologizing To Christ For The

Lack Of Knowledge Of God

They Had

And I Recall So Many Times

As I Saw So Many Youth Lives

Slip Into Turmoil

And Our Youth Was Now Murdering

I Would Get On My Knees With Tears

And Plead With Christ To Help Us All

And To Come



I Am Just A Simple Girl

Whom Has Loved The

Lord From A Child

And What I Saw At

99 Saint Andrews Street

Which Was From The

Holy Mystical Spiritual Plane

It Was Breath Taking And


There Are So So Many Things

I Saw

It Started In Oct 2013

And These Incredible Visions

Lasted Till I Moved In

July 2017






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