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The World II Know

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Time begins.. & the story follows in slow..

An adventure measures, told by fractions, micros nettle, letting E'go,

a distractions reaction, sound flew around, wound by, new fangled factions, golden mold encases c3po..

codes for sure..

pure thoughts love the cure,

comma could've made two statements.. which 1of few did you observe??

one is the way.. & the other should bee heard..

a bird on the shoulder speeks beak, unique, humming verse..

disguised in reverse unlocking the flock, keys kept at depth, abreast next, deep in forearm purse..

carried along through written song.. it wont be long.. brains braun, come on, viewing the hidden curse..

an edge formed inside of your head.. & lets bet, this hedge can't bee seen by any nurse..

doctors know church..

a seperated state just in case.. well just in case the case is lurch..

family adams nabbed em', feathered friend return to perch,

watching hawking, stevens believing 1 is first..

in a long string of numbers, trees see, indeed, bark, birch..

paws pound.. fired into the ground, light shines, 3 round, bursts..

you can fight this battle, wounds heal, but surely memories hurt,

listen to our collective soul & know, you are original, souls never sold.. your lyrics never rehearsed..

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