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The Woods Within


When I explored
the woods within
I was surprised
by the inner beauty
I was lost in
the deep dark woods
of my thoughts
I saw many tall trees
of my beliefs
I came across
the bushes of
my prejudices
I saw a big range
of mountains of
my expectations
I was moving in
my own jungle
as a stranger
I was witnessing
my inner self clearly
I also found
the thorns of my ego
I decided to remove
them immediately
I was in search
of something
soft and delicate
And I found the brooks
of words and verses
They were pure
and innocent
They were flowing,
singing songs of
I was so
delighted to see
the river of poetry
I saw the swans
of metaphors were
sailing on that river
There were many
colorful birds
of my dreams
flying high in the sky
I witnessed
soft silky flowers
of love and compassion
blooming there
They were
transforming my jungle
into the garden of heaven.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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