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The Womantle Called Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

Under God we are given Fathers,

because of our Fathers, we are given Mothers.

Mothers are a womantle of unconditional love and acceptance

like no other in human form.

They wear kindness just like the aprons they once used to prepare for and serve us in.

We only get one, a seat none other can ever fill.

We have been given a special gift, and treasure.

There is no-one beside the Creator who will ever accept you like your Mother,

faults and all!

When Mothers die it is as if a part of us die as well, yet we live on.

We are endowed with precious memories that we can recall anytime,

and those memories help us to survive the loss we feel.

We are not comfortless because we have the keepsake of memories.

Keeping her memory alive while we sojourn here on earth is our consolation.

You are endowed, and valued with a quality none other office in life can provide;

an unending ministry of good even after death.

Remembering what they have said or did may bring tears,

but look for the laughter and joy which follows.

Always remember her laughter and I guarantee you will always smile.

Do it now smile! Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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