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The Wolf In Me

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.

The Wolf In Me

The Wolf In Me

The Wolf In Me

The Wolf In Me

Time to listen to my tale, of howling wolves and things that squeal.

Running through the woods last night upon my neck I felt a bite.

I got back home as quick as a flash. Look in my mirror and saw a gash.

There was blood running down my neck like vines. The gash was proof that the blood was indeed mine.

I bandage the wound and lay down for bed. All of the while there was a pounding in my head.

As I close my eyes and drift off to sleep, I dream about people to eat.

The next day was Halloween. I should throw a party it will be a scream.

The party begins and everyone's here. We're all having fun and we're all drinking beer.

Feeling a bit dizzy, I head outside. That's when I began this wild ride.

The moon was full and I was high. I had thoughts in my head that made me want to cry.

I stared at the night sky and howl at the moon. That's when I realized that my guests would be dead soon.

All of a sudden I was hungry for blood. I tossed the beer from my hand, I think it was Bud.

I kick open the door and with fangs in my face. I give a big roar to scare the whole place.

The guest starts to scream and squeal. All the while I engaged in a meal.

I think to my self; "What's the big deal?"

The guest run in horror they scream and they shout. "Don't worry folks, I won't leave you out."

Boy, that was fun... I had a real howl. My face is a mess, I should get a towel.

What a fun party. It sure made my night. My tummy was full, and my head felt alright.

I was really tired, I jumped into bed. I was fast asleep as soon as the pillow hit my head.

I awake to find my clothes torn, and blood on my hands. What have I done? Did I kill all my friends?

I throw off my covers and spring out of bed. Running downstairs to see my friends all dead.

Half of them have been eaten, the others lost their heads. Most of the bodies were just torn to shreds.

Blood was dripping from the ceiling and splattered on the wall. Body parts were scattered all the way down the hall.

The party is over, everyone dead. I'm here alone with this pounding back in my head.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi