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The Winsome Smile of Spring

Poetry is one of Lori's favorite ways to share memories, to express feelings, and share what inspires her, so others might be inspired.


After a long, morose winter with never-ending rain (and snow to many) and cold, the advent of spring brings great joy and wonder. My friend Peggy lives on a nearby farm. By February and March, all the animals were birthing. Adorable little goats and white lambs skipping around the pen and nursing from their mommies, not to mention calves in the pasture. Daffodils line the driveway, ornamental trees are blossoming. Color is everywhere, the pungent smell of grass and manure is somehow comforting. There is constant movement in the gardens by bees, birds, and butterflies. It's glorious.

I am not a gardener because I unwittingly kill anything that grows in soil. So I enjoy everyone else's spring gardens.

Every February I thrill when crocus push their way up on my lawn. "Spring will be here before you know it," they seem to say. Then the first robin appears on my lawn. Then they flock and spend a long while pecking at whatever is in my grass that they like to eat. I have always loved robins. They remind me of my childhood growing up in Tacoma, Washington. Yesterday the cable guy was here and I left the door open so he could go in and out. When he left I heard something buzzing. I figured it was a fly, but I found a bumblebee on my couch. Another reminder of childhood. I scooped him up in a tissue very gently and let him go.

Spring also has its miseries. Allegra, Flonase, Visine, nettie pots, and Kleenex never quite get rid of the hay fever, but manage to take the edge off. The pollen was so thick on my car this morning it could easily have been snow. I will not wash my car until the pollen leaves. The blackberries and scotch broom are going crazy. I'm highly allergic to the scotch broom. My mother used to put it in bouquets when I was a kid. What was she thinking?

I wrote this poem recently expressing my thoughts about spring.

The Winsome Smile of Spring

The winsome smile of spring I see

As I spy a crocus pop its head

And spot little pink buds on a sprig

And a returning robin’s breast of red

The whimsy play of butterflies

Flitting and fluttering, here and there

The humming of busy fat bumble bees

Pollinating with purpose and flair

The whispering breezes have arrived

And the clouds pour copious showers

The sun comes out and spreads its beams

Evidence of God’s mighty powers

The wriggling births of newborn creatures

Hungry baby birds chirping for worms

Exiting cocoons with earnestness

With wiggles, writhings, and eager squirms

The woeful advent of allergies

From thick yellow coatings of pollen

Runny eyes, noses, and wheezing too

Leave us feeling crummy and rotten

The wondrous glory of springtime come

Far outweighs hay fever and sneezing

The splendor of blossoms and bouquets

And verdant leaves shiny and gleaming


The whizbang thrill of the season

Never fails our expectations

It simply is not possible

To miss all its inspirations


© 2020 Lori Colbo