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Bumblebee Vs Scientific theory. What's the distinguishing quality bumblebee has that it is ignorant of scientific theory

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Sara is a creative writer and her vision is to spread Happiness, love and Optimistic thoughts.


The perspective of life is getting blurred

The problem arises when;

Life's obstacles are handled poorly

I am restricted by self-imposed limitations

How to fix them?

Suddenly, a bumblebee caught my attention

The size, shape and even it's weight

In relationship to its wingspread

Makes flying aerodynamically impossible

But; being ignorant of scientific theory

It's journey continues everyday

It flies and never accept defeat

And makes honey everyday

I thought, what makes the difference in my life

I must change my attitude

Yes, Attitude into a Winning Attitude is the key

I must focus on No-limit mindset

The positive attitude is like roots underground

But, the results are always fruit full

Positive Attitude is the most attractive thing

Which has powers to draws people to us or repels them

And; it's is the speaker of our present

Positive attitude sets the tone for successful people

It is the sold belief of winners

So, I must adopt them with consistency and determination

I realised when the attitude is right, the present is enjoyable as the destination

Sara Shahid.

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