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The Winds of Wisdom (Part 2)

Alex has been a photographer since he was in grade school. He has a diploma in digital photography. He thoroughly enjoys various arts.


The Winds of Wisdom (Part 2)

The pessimist yawns and the optimist tries.

One must be active when holding the sword,
and patient when the battle lies beyond the next hill and on the morrow.

We learn from what other do right, and from what they do wrong.

Our senses need judgment to function properly.

Make strong efforts to change yourself, and watch how it spreads elsewhere!

A job is a job if it takes time and gives money.

The most wanted gifts of many children are;
pure love, true forgiveness, and a home that is at peace.

People respond to a person who tries and makes an effort,
even if the trier perceives herself to be failing.
In such a case, trying alone is part of her success.


A miserable individual who forces a smile upon his own face,
is more likely to find something akin to happiness.

Respect is a currency which is wanted more vehemently
than bitcoin or the United States dollar.

A tear is simply evidence that the rivers of the heart have not been
dried up completely by the heat of the summer's thirst.

Holding on to guilt is meaningless at best and harmful at worst.

If I satisfy my thirst for water,
then I will become aware of my thirst for something else.
So, what am I thirsty for if I satisfy my self-actualization?

Being thankful for one's blessings subtracts much of life's suffering.


We needn't make our positions perfect;
but, we must make them free from hypocrisy.

Say good words of others, and one will have good thoughts for them too.
The person who has good thoughts in one's brain will be happier.

What someone says and thinks impacts what someone feels.

A human who does not love herself may not be capable of loving anyone else.

Pain and suffering are not the same thing.

Not everything that can be thought needs to be written down.
Not every object of truth always needs to be spoken.

The objects within bleed into the objects without.

Is there a difference between the Buddhist's statuette and blossoms,
and the Christian's photograph on grave marker and roses?

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger