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The Seasons of a Life - A Poem

for Mom and Dad

for Mom and Dad

Loved it so...

The summer rain, ticking steps

With smooth and supple strides.

The air was sweeter then.

Enfolding life, the ocean waves

Would thresh and furl the doors of time,

Entreating in cadence

The mysteries of a fragile womb.

Above, the gulls with feathered hands

Would shape our sonnets

As the wind

Took apart the words.

In kites of dreams, they soared,

Diffractions of heat and light,

Of promise and unending.

Love it so...

The winter rain, drifting light,

Seasoning the air with the taste

Of nature's tears.

The ocean pulls the crystals homeward

To melt in memory

And blend away unseen.

Above, the gulls are tossing fewer now --

Vivid, white solitaires treading bold

Against a muted sky of gray.

In the beckoning, we remember...

In the searching, we hold

With spirit unbowed.

Whether shadows, flesh or dreams come hence,

May they all share in witness

This prodigy of hope

Still riding on the wing.

2019 Genna Eastman

The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of The Birds & Transformation

˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ There is a pause of a few seconds before the video appears. ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜

© 2019 Genna East

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