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The Willow and the Salty

Rdsparrowriter is a young woman of faith celebrating people who had inspired her to be better everyday :)

The Willow - 26/04/2020

I went out and enjoyed a couple of dates

Every evening my heart felt overloading with happiness

I enjoyed my time with my cute playmates

Their smiles wrapped my heart with gladness.

With clay Willow made roti, fish and eggs

With her tiny cooker she cooked meals and gave me

Sometimes she shared how she made those recipes

Step by step guiding me with instructions just like her mommy.

She would always share her soft toys with me

We played hide and seek, shouted at the doggy

Waved at cars and other vehicles as they go by

Tried to find stars in the dark blue sky.

She sounds super cute when she sings songs to Jesus

If you join her, her eyes would sparkle with glitter

For three days she wore the same flowy pink dress

Just like cinderrella, Willow would twirl and imitate her.


She loves to spend time in playing around with water on her face

So her dad gave a good spanking and washed her

She was filled with tears making such a sad face

I too felt sad so I tried to cheer her.

Although she is just three and a half in age

She inspires me to be creative when I play games

She has this cute giggles and like a granny for her age

She waits until she sees me gone safely down on the staircase.

The Salty Babe -27/04/2020

My little Menu Venu is the younger sister of Willow

She is just one and half years young

She is so cuddly and soft like marshmallow

And she is always into so much fun.

She likes to eat mommy's delicious cake

Sometimes put her hand and grab a piece of cake

Her Mommy finds it difficult to protect the cake

The orders that she does as birthday cake.


Whenever I kiss the tip of her hand she smiles

Then I accidentally tasted that she was so Salty

Although she looks the cutest with heart catching smiles

She pee on the same couch which is very naughty.

She would suck her thumb while falling asleep

With the other hand holding one of my fingers

I love to sing a melody while she falls asleep

She is so tiny and I love to kiss her fingers.


She is still a little wobbly when she walks

She sometimes likes to dance

In a secret language she talks

Infront of the fridge, she would say 'Ah!'

She eats her food and even her sister's

She always like to have the sister's dolls

Then she pulls mommy's hair and the sister's

Missing her footing behind the curtain she falls.

I sometimes think about taking her home with me

As she is overloaded with cuteness

I feel so full whenever she comes to me

I enjoy her sweet playfulness :)


© 2020 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa