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Poem: The Wilderness

My name is Candice Ballinger, I am a recovering addict and schizophrenic God-fearing Christian, who loves all things writing.


The Wilderness

Breaking fast,

so much hatred left inside

losing control,

but believing in you

tripping over cracks in the road;

slipping on the dew

preaching of a new world

one with so very few,

slash my skin

suffocate me until I'm blue,

but never leave me

I am wild and sheltered,

you know nothing of my pride

dripping with jealousy

I am trapped in my sorrow,

there's nothing left for you to do

my prison is personal

it's shaped just for me,

wrapped in my tongue;

spitting through clenched teeth

this pain I feel;

of course, it's nothing new,

show me the savior

save me from my shame

I am breathing in the particles

that choke me,

clenching my lungs from within.

© 2021 Candice Ballinger

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