The Wilderness Experience

Updated on February 10, 2018

You can allow the wilderness to make you or break you. It is your choice. Running from it will not help. It will always catch up to you in life. Only through GOD you will handle it. He is in control.

— Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


On August 30, 1983, I was born. Born to Viona and Frank Cornelius. I am a twin and we are the youngest of five. Two girls and three boys. At a very young age, my father left us but my mother did not use that as an excuse to not raise us. She got closer to GOD and made sure we all do the same. So I grew up in church. Each event I was there. I was also doing what kids do. Wasn't into smoking or anything illegal but I had fun. When I got older I went back to where it all started. I and my twin started a group with two friends called Parable of a Prodigal. We sang and we wrote. We had it really going. Active members in the church and out of it. We did not have much but we used what we had and made it work. Hard times was not really a shocker to my family. We always found a way to get through it but it was something different in one of them. Below is a small poem I wrote about an experience that I ignored in this walk with GOD.

The Wilderness Experience

I thought I never needed you.
I felt helping the church was all I needed to do.
I felt it because that’s what the pastor told me.
By giving my tithes and offering.
I sang on the praise team.
I gave my life to the ministry.
Then one day I was hit.
I got home and asked GOD questions.
Questions about what is happening.
I'm doing everything to counteract it.
Yet the devil is tempting me.
Then gave me some scriptures to read.
About the Holy Spirit leading.
Leading one to be tested.
Tested in the wilderness.
Matthew and Luke explained it best.
The Spirit took Jesus in the wilderness.
To be tested by Satan.
There was some revelation.
A revelation I needed to know.
I wanted to grow.
Grow more in Christ.
I had to learn how to do this right.
He revealed to me the revelation.
Jesus needed that experience.
Being GOD’s son wasn’t enough.
Without it things will be tough.
So I applied it to my life.
I surrendered to church but not Christ.
Thinking that was all I needed.
But these scriptures showed me it’s worthless.
I was on the right track.
Being tempted made me draw back.
I never gave up my faith.
But realized that it was needed to make.
Needed to make me fulfill.
My purpose and GOD’s will.


Because I was raised in the church did not mean I was ready to fully operate in it. I neglected the wilderness experience. I went through enough but apparently, it was not enough for GOD. Me overcoming it with GOD was one thing but I neglected to apply that to everything I was going through. I started complaining and accepting it. Now, in my mid 30’s I see myself applying it more because I have a better understanding. I say GOD is in control of everything. I advise others to do the same. It makes life easier. A huge percentage of the church today thinks because they were born to a mom and dad pastor they are ready to do it. Same goes with people working around the church. They are not ready to handle being tempted. For example, when the devil tempts them using a pretty woman and they are married next thing you know they are in a situation they should not be in. In the wilderness, Jesus had to learn how to fight the devil. What I had to understand is that GOD created the devil with a purpose. He knows his children are being tempted. It's handling it that is a must. Only him can help with that.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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