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A Whole Note Is Not A Full Measure


The whole of ourselves
is only half our life; what
is your capacity to grow
in the new. Is life only
what you see of yourself?
Is it a door blocking the
entrance to truth? Would
you ignore the other side
of the world or even across
a river divide? Would you
not when a wooden ship
was always remembered?
Can you love someone who
disagrees with you about
heaven and hell even if they
are the one? Did you misplace
your youth in hedonism then
decide that life has passed
you by? Are you unable to
grow in a field of never-brown
green? Are your fears loyal
to your parents, your God
or your people? What is truth
if it cannot purpose anything
except soothe your past? The
impervious cover upon is there
to serve, yet you are lost. Do
you know they believe deeply
as do you? God has many
names, not just the one you
gave him. Blow a kiss to a
smiling child; roll back another
great stone. You crave beauty
to see what color or shooting
stars can do to your heart;
why would you choose to
close your mind?