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The Whispers That I Hear

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The Whispers That I Hear


The Whispers I Hear

Your soothing sounds whispers in my ear. Your mellow breath brush against my ears. They are very tender and soft as if you are singing me a melody of oohs and ahs.

I lay down on the grass with you and you twirl my hair and rubble my clothes.

I enjoy the time when we go for a ride in the car. I stick my head out and your soft whispers now become an opera singer song.

There are times when you are silence and for me the heat becomes unbearable. I miss that cooing blow of that honey charms.

I admit, there are some times you can be harsh, cruel, and brutal. At those times I keep my distance by keeping my doors shut, my windows closed and I place myself under the covers waiting for you to calm down.

I know with enough force, my dear friend can be too strong to be dealt with, like a storm or tornado or hurricane.

You leave traces of yourself, furniture tossed about, papers that once was at one's house are now read next door. People and animals that get in your way, can be seen with a horrific look. You lift up cars like you're Hercules.

I know that your storms don't last and should be overlooked because we all have our bad times and hurt people with that same kind of raft.

I will hold onto the good times when I sit on a swing and your force push against me and still your gentle touch brushes along my back. You showed me that you are in front of me and behind me giving me strength and force to encourage me on.

We spend a lot of time together. You cool me when I am hot and you woo me to sleep. You always around to whispers your melody in my ear.

I know you will always be there for 365 days, all year round. I can't see you but I can feel when you are around.

I noticed you are supportive when you're around. The leaves seem to always cheer with a standing ovation. When you are not there, they just drop down by each other sides.

I love, oh, how I love when you deliver sweet fragrance from the bakery to keep their business going, and the laundry room detergents for reminding others that it's a good thing to always be clean. There is also a time when you alarm others to wake up or get up out of their seat because there's something burning somewhere outside.

I enjoy your gentle whispers, you are very passionate and keep encouraging me to move forward and when there's danger, you use enough force to keep me back and when you want to be heard, you shout from the mountain top.

You can't feel my touch and you still take the time to embrace me with your loving touch against my skin and whispers in my ear. Thanks for just being you, my loving wind thrills.

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