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The Whens of Life


When things are so down, and you feel as though you're all alone,

Just remember what is inside you, it's more than skin and bone.

There is a heart within us each, that beats until a time unknown,

Much stronger than we can imagine, there to help us all carry on.


Every new day there will be a better one, just you do wait and see,

Although it may seem that all is lost, a brave heart will set us free.

The good Lord and Maker on High has His promises He will keep,

Get your best rest and put it out of your mind, try to get some sleep.


Every child born on this earth, in His eyes has such great worth,

We are His children and forever will be, a gift of life at our birth.

No matter how hard our daily work, our Lord will be at our side,

He will receive you and never ignore, in Him, you may confide.


When your friends all seem to have left you, no more are to be seen,

The one best friend we'll always have helps solve problems, so keen.

Jesus Christ, the Lord, and Son of God seeks all prayers we may say,

His angels help to watch over us each, with us at night and in the day.


When that day finally does come, you just feel like giving in,

Don't forget you have some help, the good Lord as a friend.

No better advice and one to lean on, never to find anywhere,

Jesus of Nazareth, true Son of God, of His love and His care.

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