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The Weird Day That His Life Was Changed #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


That the person would face. Poverty is bad he says to

Himself as he moved to carry the bag from where it was

To a side for keeps. Pending the time that the person would

Surface. But no one surfaces until the time he wants to close

The shop, then something tells him to check the contents of the

Bag and on opening the bag he discovered that the bag was

Full of money. He dropped the bag and moved backwards

Were the ghosts the ones who have dropped this here. For he

Has been hearing of ghosts doing that for people but he did

Not believe. How could ghosts drop something like this

Here? So many thoughts started running through his mind

But he was not sure which one is right. Then he did not know

What to do about the duffel should he put it outside until

The person comes or carry it home or leave it in his shop?

After many deliberations within his heart, he decided to carry

The bag home so that when the owner comes asking then

He would give the owner his bag. Three months after this

He saw no one to come and ask for the bag. And then he became

Confused. Now he cannot tell anyone about this because

If he tells anyone they may think he is lying and that he is

Cooking up stories for them and read other meanings to it.

Then he said to himself, he will borrow out of the money

To stock his business. If the person eventually comes he will

Beg him that he borrows little out of the money for his business

But lo and behold no one comes for the bag, and the little

Money he has borrowed from the money to trade with has

Brought about transformations to his business in the neighborhood

He started trading with the money and started depositing the

Money in his bank account bit by bit until he deposited all there

And after this deposit, the business grows remarkably that people

Were amazed at how his business becomes transformed within

Twenty-four months of establishment. What he told them was a

Friend kept a money with him as he was traveling to another

Country and the person may arrive any time to collect his

Money. All who heard him said, good for him because he

Deserved such favor because he has served his master faithfully


When others were doing illegal deals and stealing from their

Master he did not do that. It is a good recompense for him people

Said unto him. Twenty years after the incident, for he still maintain

The shop, though he has other shops at other places and has

Even gotten a manufacturing company. Then one day, two

People were passing by the shop and they were discussing they

Were perhaps retired police officers and they were reliving

Their pasts when in the service. One of them told the other that

Did he remember about twenty years back when they were

Pursuing some thieves who have robbed a rich man

Of huge amount of money that they ran pass this place

By then this place was still bushy he said, and the man

Said he remembers that day, that as they were

Fleeing they were also throwing things at them

Which prevented them from apprehending them that

Day. It was a terrible day, the second told him

That he has been thinking that if they were able to

Get them they would have received great reward

From the man, but since they couldn’t apprehend

Them, neither recover some of the stolen money

The man could not reward them as he has planned to

That was the little he could hear from them as

The people walked pass the shop. Then, the man

Remembered how and where he found the bag

Remembers the date, the following day what

Happened, that was why people could not come

Out early that day, for fear he reasoned. So it was

Stolen money. It was that day he knows the source

Of the money. But at that time there is nothing he could

Do again. And now he has become one of the richest person in the Island.