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The Weird Day That His Life Was Changed

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His store was located in one of

The new areas in the island, the

Population of the place is just growing

He rented the new shop about six

Months back having secured freedom

From his master, and because he could

Not readily get fund to establish his

Store in a big way, he decides to go to

One of the remotest areas of the island

To get his shop there and start developing

The store, he vividly remembered one of

The speeches of his mentor when he wants

To get the place that when he also wants

To establish his store, he has to look for

Remote place to start off from, because

One needs to know the art and act of

Trading when one leaves his master and

Mentor, for if a young business person

Wants to compete with those who have

Grown in the art, the person would soon go

Bankrupt. Thus, his master says, he started

From a new area and was growing with

The area, he was the first person to start

Business in the area, and as the people

Started seeing his commitment, they were

Patronizing him and he started introducing other

Goods into his store until his store becomes

Big and he had to move to the center of the

Town and then people cannot harass him again

Neither muzzle his business mouth because he

Has grown in the art. As he remembers this

He knows that he is toeing the path of his master

It is better to start at the remote area of true and

Start building customers, when they know that

One is serious and sincere, they would not be going

To center of the island to buy what they need again

And in some instances, some would even give

An upfront money to get the good for them, which

Means one would not use his money for the business

And would still have gains there. He has been at

This location for about eight months, but got the store

Six months back. On the third day of the seventh month

Of getting the shop he was using to ply his trade

He saw a duffel bag in front of the shop early

In the morning as he wants to open the shop. What

Could be inside this bag, he asks himself, I did

Not have a bag like this, neither am I expecting any

Visitor. He looked right and left to see if there is

Anyone around who dropped the bag there, because

There are bushes surrounding the place as the shop is a

New shop in a new area. He couldn’t see anyone and he

Was thinking well maybe the person went into the

Bush to defecate because that is common thing in the

Island. Soon enough he will come out to carry his bag

Therefore he used his leg to push the duffel bag to

A side and opened the shop and cleared the place

Displaying some of his goods outside for his customers

To be seeing to know that he has opened the shop

At least for those who may want to buy some things

Early in the money. But contrary to other days

That he will open the shop early and people will

Come to buy things no one come to price neither buy

Things from him that day. He has been on his seat

For about three hours and as if the people have

Held meeting the previous day that they will not pass

Along the path where his shop was located that day

He discovered that none passes by the shop,

And those who passed by were children, just

Playing around perhaps they had midterm break

In their schools. Then he looked again and found

That the duffel bag was still there. Who could have

Slept at the front of my shop and forget this bag there

This was the thought that crossed his mind again when

He did not see anyone to get out of the bush nearby to

Come and carry the bag. Then he started saying how could

People be sleeping here? In front of this new shop

Exposing himself to hazards for rodents, mosquitoes

Would disturb the person not to talk about harsh weather