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The Weeping Young Prophet #3

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As time rolls on, people also continue to breakup from those places to form their own

Group. They all claimed to have clairvoyance spirit too. It has been about eighty years now

And the groups keep multiplying by the day. Then there was a recent group formed by

An unknown man within the island, this man has also broken off to form his own his

Clairvoyance gift was spectacular. However there was a young boy attending his programs

Who also desires such gift, but his parents would not want him to go into such because

They were immigrants into the island, and they have come into the island to trade,

They have only been attending the man’s place of worship because that was common in the

Island, it is not that they totally believed in it like others do. Since they have migrated into

The island they had also want another thing for their son after hearing about the scenarios

That usually present itself during the break off from a master, the associated fighting pissed

His parents off and prefers to lay low than joining forces with them. However, people have

Been noticing the Young boy, and they have been seeing attributes of seer in him.

Because before the acclaimed seers in the island say anything that would happen he would

Have said it to those who are close by him, and in fact some of those seers do not see some

Of the things that he used to see, for it was after those things have happened that they

Would be saying something about it. As this continued, some of those who have known the

Young boy start consulting him and they have been noticing one thing about his

Clairvoyance gift and it was that when something terrible want to happen either to the

Person who has consulted him or not, he will start weeping, this he will do for few seconds

And then wipe his eyes off. And would then talk to the person who has consulted him. On

Some instances he has wept without people being before him, and he was asked by

Someone that why does he weep when there was no one before him, he says, whenever he

Weeps the people should know that something terrible want to happen, this may be within

The community or even to the entire globe. When some leaders of the island get to know

This they assigned someone to be monitoring him and whenever he cries, people would

Notify the leaders of this who would send people to him to inquire from the Holy One, so

That they know what is about to happen. The focus of the leaders have shifted from the

Renown seers of the island and they are not happy with this, how can a young boy who has

No training in their line, neither a native of the island be the one that the leaders of the island

Would be contacting and leaving them without coming to them, thence they gathered

Together against the young boy to eliminate him. But this secret was revealed to someone

Who was close to his parents and he told the parents that they need to get their young boy out

Of the island to a far place because there are some who are seeking for his life. His

Parents listened to what the person said and left the island at night for a far place. Those

people who wanted to kill him on noting that his parents have left the island with him

Suspected foul play among themselves, stating that what they had done in secret how

Could it be leaked? How could the family leave the island when they have concluded plans

On how to eliminate the young boy, thence, they stated that there is someone among them

Who is Loyal to the young boy or his parents. This generated furor among them, such that

They started attacking themselves. The leadership of the island got to know where the young

Boy and his parents have moved to and they were consulting with him there, while his Enemies grope in darkness.


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