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The Weeping Young Prophet #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He narrated everything he had passed through to them and how he has been driven to

An island, where he has found comfort and succor. Through this, the people when they after

Studying the weather and noticing that there could not be any trouble located the island and

They started trading with each other. In the meanwhile, they have been trading with

People from another island before this period. Those people were also brought to fore on this

Development, and they built a common place where they would be trading with one another

Which is called trading zone. Since the people have been settled there they have valued

The presence of seers since it is through a seer that they have located and founded the island.

This seer who has come to the island with some of the religious books from their former

Island have also had some followers who he was training on the art of communing with

The supreme being because he knows that sooner than expected, either or not he likes it he

Will equally leave the world like all his fathers were. And if he was unable to train people

Then there may be vacuum created for the island and problems emerging with time after

His demise, but for this not to happen he has been training people to take up after him. He

Never forces anyone, for three of his children have another dream of theirs’ not related to

Their father’s and he has left them to pursue their dreams, because anyone who is forced

Into something would abuse the thing, if he does not abuse the thing, may start fumbling

There with time, but someone who has the dream of possessing something would always

Guide, guard and work towards the growth of his dream and what he has labored for in

Life unlike someone on whom something has been rammed down his throats which he did

Not like neither dreamt of. Thus the man does not forced his children to follow his footpaths


For his fathers too never forced him to becoming a seer, he has liked it and has given his

All into the art when his father was alive, even his elder siblings who his father thought

Would take up after him never did well in the art with time. Because they performed below

The expectations of his parents, some of the secrets needed for them to become the head

In the art and act of seeing deeper things his father never revealed to them but him alone. It

Was after he has possessed the secrets that he becomes the leader of the seers in his island

Before leaving the island. And now he is following the footpaths of his father by ensuring

That someone takes after him but he is not coercing anyone to take after him. As he was

Doing this, and the numbers of people living within the island continue to increase because

Many people from the two islands that they have been trading with have been migrating

Into the island, some because of spiritual consultations because the news of the seers in the

Island have been shared abroad, and people who have been having problems with their lives

Among other things have been coming into the island to find solutions to the conundrum

That have been holding tight to their jugulars. Some of those who have migrated into the

Island have settled in the island. This also makes the population of the island to grow

Remarkably. This man has instituted a place where people would be meeting with him

Regularly. It is at this place too that he also meets with his followers and trainees. As years

Rolled by, the man died, and another person assumes the throne of leadership of seer in the

Island. Fight broke out among them and the man’s apprentices broke into camps forming

About ten camps in the island with each person laying claim to his territory and saying they

Are the real follower and the real person their leader has bequeathed the power of seeing to

Before he breath his last. Each of those people also have their followers from nigh and Far.


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