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The Weeping Young Prophet #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The island is sandwiched between two ancient islands within the south western

Protectorate of the republic. The numbers of people inhabiting the island, whether natives or

Aliens according to the recent population census conducted in the island shows that they are

About hundred thousand people residing in the island. However, contrary to the beliefs of

The two ancient islands which bordered them, they believed in prophets and seers more than

Anything. According to the oral histories gathered by the natives of the island, it was said that

Their founding fathers migrated from the far east to the place after they had been instructed

By a seer of the need to move out of where they were when the government of the island was

Not treating the inhabitants of the island well, instead of resorting to fighting as they had

Thought of, the seer approached the leaderships of the team who were not happy with how

Things were been run in the island that what they can do that would save them, their children

And limit collateral damages of humans and properties was to leave the island for another

Island that the Divine has promised to show unto them. They asked of how they will know

The island where they are to settle down at and the seer replied that the Divine has promised

To with them, and he will be guiding their very movements with a bird in the firmament.

This seer also was not in good tune with the leadership of the island and he promises to go

Out with the people to the new settlement where the Divine has promised to settle them at.

They set aside a time to leave their island, and they left the island with all their children and


Some of their possessions since their buildings cannot be moved. About fifty people

Including the seer were those who left the island. While getting out of the island a bird

Appeared before them, whitish in color and the Seer said to the leadership that this is the bird

That has been promised to lead them to the desired island. They went on for days in the

Wilderness and at a time need to cross the river as they continued to follow the bird. Because

They have not thought of coming across river along their path, they tarried by the river bank

For about ten days, before they could find a means of crossing the river. After crossing the

River the bird settles on a tree and would not leave again. Then the Seer told them they have

Gotten to the place the Supreme Being has promised to give unto them. Their leaders walked

Through the length and breadth of the island, and discovered that it was a beautiful island

Which is not inhabited by anyone, the trees they found there were fertile and on examining

The soil they discovered that the soil was a fertile land, for there is a way they used to

Decipher fertile lands when they were in their previous island, they looked at those things

And discover that they were present on the island, thence they know the island’s soil is fertile

As also could be seen by the plantations there. They set to work on the island, building

Houses for themselves, farming, and hunting, and started raising some wild animals

Converting to domestic animals. The seer has told them that they will soon discover the

Islands which they would soon be trading with. But this revelation does not come to pass

Immediately. However, years after this revelation, one person from one of the islands

Who is a fisherman had problems with the torrents of the river that day and was been tossed

By the wind to the island. When he gets to the bank of the river, he finds succor and was

Accommodated for days until normalcy returns to the river torrents. After this he was

Able to locate the place he has come from by locating the east where the sun uses to emerge

When he gets back to his island, his people told him that they have lost hope on him

Surviving the terrible torrents of that period.


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