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The Way it Goes - A Poem


With you, I saw beauty in life,
and the darkness which once surrounded me shifted.

And finally, I could see the beauty in the world.
But you held onto my darkness and held it close to your heart.

I knew this was coming,
it’s happened before
but that’s just the way it goes with us,

Yet mistakes of the past never turned into lessons,
and so I stayed, trying my hardest to love you,
praying my love would bring comfort
and hoping that eventually, you’d see the beauty that I saw.

But you clawed and screamed
until I let go
and so I did
because that’s just the way it goes.

We drifted apart,
and my darkness vanished from you.
Yet I know a part of you still calls for me,
now I know to ignore it,
it’s a lesson I learned.

And so I allow myself to move on,
finally understanding that my love
will never be enough, not for you.

Yet I would have spent many lifetimes
trying to fix what was broken between us.
But my love is meant for another,
and that’s just the way it goes.

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