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The Way I See The Sunshine

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Sara is a writer. She believes determination and Trust in Allah Almighty give us the strength to face the challenges coming in our way.


Sitting in a cozy room

Wrapped a blanket around myself

In the dark night of winter

Thinking about my sprained ankle

Feeling of extreme pain

Everything turned upside down

The unusual feeling of sinking my heart

Irritated me, frustrated me

I started reading a magazine

Keeps on shuffling the pages

Suddenly I stopped

"My cancer is a gift"

I thought; Can pain really be a blessing....

An Australian businessman,

Named "Ali Banat", later became a humanitarian philanthropist

Died at the age of 33 of cancer

Never complain Allah Almighty for his disease

The attitude of Gratitude

He started MATW project in his life for needy people

Realized the meaning of life

A deep silence, I thought..

What is life?

Not more than a blink of an eye

Not more than a blink of an eye

Sara Shahid.

Ali Banat

Ali Banat

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