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The Way I Decay

Amateur writer. On the path of the phrase that says "practice makes perfect." Avid consumer of books that make me think, make me feel.

Is there such a thing as flames

Without the burning?

Is there such a thing as wounds

Without the bleeding?

Can the universe be so graceful to absolve me

From my daily suffering?

The answer will determine how fast I decay.

There can be no sunrise without a sun,

So I must endure its heat

So that others enjoy its warmth.

There can be no life without water,

So, periodically, I must drown myself

So that I could come back to life.

There can be no beauty for those

Whose hearts are blinded.

So, I must, and yet, cannot

Remove the heavy lid that covers my soul.

Oh, dear elements of the physical world,

Would you be so kind to teach me how to find

The warmth in place of the burning?

And the healing in place of the bleeding?

For I want to slow down

The way I decay.

© 2017 H Bakerley

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