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The Way He Uses Me.

Hertha writes poems that helps her readers to analyse situations that they can relate too.

The Poem: The Way He Uses Me.

My name is Water,

I live in a man's home,

My duty was to kwinch his thirst, help cook his meals, water his plants and so much more,

His responsibility was to make sure that my bills were well taken care off.

How I felt loved and cared for, at least for the first few years,

It starting with him installing a tap in his bedroom.

He would use me in the morning and evening.

He then used more of me than he was supposed to

As time flew, I became his stress reliever everyday when he comes home from work,

I felt voiceless so I did not speak,

He bought new gold taps for me to buy my silence and it worked,

He sometimes did not use me at all, rather he would just fill the basin with me and then drain me out.

My purity went down the drain faster than the blink of an eye,

The municipality saw my bills paid so they thought I was better of and never really took inspections on how I am being used.

He flushed my dignity down countless times in the toilet,

I depended on him I could not speak however, I am gathering the strength to stand up for my rights one good day.

I am going to be free like rain water and birds in the sky,

I am going to shine like soarklisp water.

One day I will be free like the ocean waters,

And be calm like the blue waters of the pools.

This image shows rain. Ran water on independent.

This image shows rain. Ran water on independent.

Analysis of the poem:

The victim is referred to as "Water". A natural element that we respect and value. The reason why the poet did this was because?

*Although water is a scarce resource in Namibia and other parts of the world some people do not treat it with the respect and value that it needs.

*The point is treat all with respect especially human beings due to the fact that, people are one of God's perfect creations and the life of a person and health should be a priority. Regardless of age, race, gender and sexual orientation we all deserve the same respect and value.

Moving on, it's clear that the victim lives in a home that belongs to a family member who is also a breadwinner thus the victim depends on him to take care of her/him. And all the victim has to do is do house chores and maintain the home as a thank you for the help.

However, when you go to the srcsec stanza you see that the man has violated the agreement, he sexually abuses her morning and evening, and thus started after he installed taps in his bedroom. What did the poet mean by this?

* By installing the poet means that "eelcwelco or inviting" the victim into his bedroom. This easy he voulc have sex with her.

Moving on to the third stanza, you can tell that the victim was now not just a sex toy but an emotional consultant. He used her so selfishly and inhuman.

Imagine being someone transfering all the negative energy to you.

The victim confessed that she "felt voiceless" and that he bribed her and bought her silence with good things which the poet refers to as golden taps.

In the last two lines of the third stanza, the victim comfesses that is was not only sexual abuse but emotionall abuse as well. By letting the basin get full with the victim and then drain it all away without using it. What did the poet mean by this?

*She meant it through insults or beatings ( the basin) then he would not apologize instead let it go ( drain) and act like it did not happen.

Furthermore, in the fourth stanza the victim tells us what she/he lost:

*Purity - could be his/her virginity or health status.



However, through this struggle the victim has become hopefull and strong and she looks up to better days.

Nevertheless, in the fifth stanza the victim describes what her freedom would be like.

*Free like rain water (the rest of the people.)

*Shine like sparkling water ( people that have been through it and stood ta and fought the battle) .

*Free like ocean waters (not depending on anyone and no one can take anything away from you as ocean waters cannot be consumed by humans).

*And lastly, calm like the blue waters of a pool ( a pool is blue because of chemicals therefore it's toxic, however people can still swim in it and be happy as people are relaxed in it).

Free like the birds.

Free like the birds.

© 2020 Hertha David

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