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The Warnings of Invisible Host

At A Young Age, I Fell In Love With God, Christ And The Holy Universe. This Started From Childhood In Which I Felt I Was Dancing With Angles


Holy Host of Tears Drops

Nature Became Very Quiet

From Dusk To Dawn.

For Many Days

From Dusk To Dawn

There Was No Breeze

Of Any kind.

The Tree Limbs Use To

Dance From Dawn To Dusk

Kissing The Evening Breeze,

In Nature's Union

With God.

The Tree Branches Use To

Illuminate And Shine

Under The Moon

Light Beam

If You Were An Observer

You Would Notices The

Rhythm Of The

Tree Branches

Would Sway In Harmony

To God's Holy Symphony

That Echoed Out from

The Heavens Continually.

Under The Bright

Twinkling Stars.

Angelic Forces Began

Gathering And Entering

Very Sacred

Grounds Of


(MEGIDDO — Situated here at the foot of Israel's Mount Megiddo, the valley pictured below is believed by many Christians to be the site of the Battle of Armageddon, the final fight of End Times before the Second Coming of Jesus.)

The Trees Began Changing

Mystically Erie Shaped Faces

Appeared Embedded In

Trunks Of Trees.

Some With Angelic Faces

Some With Demonic Faces

Engraved In Tree Barks

The Trees All Seemed

To Have A Message

An Echoing Message

Of Warnings To The


The World Is About

To Enter The War

Of Armageddon

These Signs Illuminated

Across The World

For Months.

The Final Holy War

Is Here.

Warning All To Prepare

The Trees All Around


Dance And Made Love

As Though They Were

Representing The

Whore Of Babylon.

The Cities and Towns

And There Tourist

Did Not Notice

The Landscape Of

Megiddo Changes.

That Watch There

Every Movement.

Nor Did They Hear

Megiddo's Echoing


For Most Human

They All Seemed

Death And Blind

Blocking Out All

Warning Signs

They Didn't Even

Notice The Low Unusual

Shaped Clouds That

Seemed To Touch

The Grounds Surrounding

All The World.

Within Those Clouds

Was Archangel Michales

Christ, And His

Holy Warrior Angels.

And The Tree Limbs

All Even Pointed

To The Direction Where

Satan's Spiritual Demonic

Army Stood.

As The Middle East

Began Fighting In

Syria and Iraq

With America and

Nato Countries

Getting Involved.

Warning Signs Were All Around

From Dusk To Dawn It

It Became A Erie


Nature Went To Sleep

From Dusk To Dawn

And The Moon Color

Changed From A

Burning Orange Color.

To Red Dripping

Blood Color.

The Moon Red Beams

Illuminated Images

Of Fire

That Skipped Across The

Grass, Shrubs and Plants

From Dusk To Dawn

Flowers Seemed To Be

Drying Up And You

Could Not Smell Flowers

Sweet Aroma Fragrances

In The Air

In Each Flowers Death

Warnings Echoed Across

Nature Throughout

The World Was

Whispering In A

Chanting Melody

Of Warnings Of

The Ten Virgins

And The Candles.

Five Brides

Would Be Ready

And Waiting

For Christ

With There Candles


And Five Brides

Would Not Be Ready

For Christ

And There Candles

Were Not Lit

All Of Nature Seem To

Be Sending Out Echoing

Warnings Of Holy Wars

Coming Upon The Earth

Invisible Host Gathered

From The Heavens Of

The Universe

The Red Moon

Seemed To Release

In The Atmosphere

Haunting Memories Of

Past Sorrows And Present

Sorrows And Woes

Of The World.

Some Religious Men

Warning All Horsemen

And Seals In Revelations

Has Been Opened.

Many Bickered Among

Each Other

Claiming It

Could Happen

A Thousand

Years From


Have Men Dishonored God

As They Danced With

Temptations And Desires

Of There Souls?

Breaking Bread Continually

With Every Evil Temptation

That Satan Taunted

Human Beings


Very Few Men Recognize

The Warning Of Nature

And Did Not See The Signs

Was It Satan's Temper

And Breath That Was Of Fire

That Changed The Moon Light

To Orange?

Now It Turned Red.

Did He See The Holy Army

Of Angels Gathering?

He Knew This Day

Would Come

It Was Written

And Sealed By


The Rain Drops That Fell

On The Earth Even Seemed

To Have Changed.

Images Of Letters

Spread Across Ponds,

Rivers And Lakes.

When It Rained At Night

Under The Orange Moon

It Felt Like A Light Sting

On Men, Animals Skin.

People Started To Avoid

Walking Under Rain Drops

Under The Evening Skies.

Was The Rain Drops

The Tears Of Angels

Sorrow For Men?

Knowing That Men

Has Dishonored

God's Commandments?

The Monasteries Across

The World Became


The Only Sound They Made

Was Continual Chanting

Of Sacred Holy Prayers

For The World And All


Holy Men And Saints

Fell To There Knees

In Tears Of Prayers

And Fears For


The Monastery

Doors Would

Open For

People To

Flea Too.

Holding There

Children In There

Arms, In Fear

For There Lives.

Children Would Be

Crying And Scared,

They Could Feel

The Tension In

The Air.

For All People

Will Be In Fear

As They Hear

Christ Thundering

Rain, Lighting Storms

Announcing The

Arrival Of Christ.

All Will Fall To There Knees

As Guilt Filled There Hearts

Are We Now


The Times Of

Purification Of

This World?