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The Wake and Other Poems

Endy is a lover of and a practicing writer. He is always learning ways to improve while spilling his gut. He sees writing as life.


The Child on the Street, His Auspice

His single and little lone pair soul,

Walks through this wilderness,

Empty, dry and barren.

His soul yearns, as his feet wander,

His heart craves, as his mind wanders,

His spirit seeks, as his brain ponders,

Yet he finds no drink to quench his thirst,

He finds not the beauty that his soul craves,

He finds not the best that his heart yearns,

He finds not the answers that his spirit seeks,

But in-between these intermittent thoughts,

Here in-between realities and dreams,

He saw a light kindled by his angel of faith;

He saw a vision of hope of the life ahead,

And it’s spotlessly brilliant and promises.

He is the now, and he is promised future.

The Wake

Something is cold, something isn’t right,

I wish I can figure what is wrong,

I wish I can find the reasons it went wrong,

But how can I?

How can I see, when my heart is blind?

How can I know, when my mind is blanked?

Don’t find me guilty on account of my own thoughts,

I’m only a poet walking thru life with a blind mind.

God makes for us only one soulmate. He makes for us one helper—that's Himself. He comes to us in different forms and likenesses. So, when you are tempted and tried remember always to run back to Him.

— Endurance AUF Noble

Act of Faith

Hold on please hold on a little longer,

Though the good of life be far from you,

It’s not a sign you aren’t blessed.

Though the darkness of life fell on your path,

It’s not a sign that you are doomed.

Though distant the answers to your prayers,

It’s not a sign that you are forgotten.

In the most silent moments of life,

And in the darkest of times;

Remember this one thing,

Remember this, O’ Child:

'That God carries you in His heart',

And on this path when you're tempted,

When you are tempted to give up,

Go into the dark,

And give it all up in prayers.

Offer it all up to God in prayers,

Yes, give it up into God’s arms.


Author's Notes

Note 1

You were once a child. I was once a child. We experienced the pain of missing a mum or a dad. We know how our soul never wanted it because of the humanness inside us. But yet the child, that child on the street, human like us, is left to feed for himself. He, together with me and you form the human race. We’re 'the now', and we are 'the promised future'. If we can't get the children off the street, how can we secure the now and the future? If we can't feed and fill the child's hunger and voids, how can we get a safer world? The task is on our shoulder. Here now is the task: to get the children off the streets. Can we get the children off the streets? Can we? The time is now!

Note 2

The poet here reflects the state of things around the world. He felt something is wrong but can't tell what that is. However, he went ahead to write about his feeling, raising critical questions that show his inadequacies. He went further to state he should be seen as a messenger because he only wanted to pass a message which is sometimes the job of a writer.

The life of a writer is equivalent to the life of a 'representative'. It can be representing oneself or representing other people or representing the world or even representing God, Himself. As 'representatives' we write or speak in different capacities because it's required to create the world we desire. Hence we sometimes write or speak in our capacity or in the capacity of the people or even that of God.

Note 3

Though there are many beautiful people in the world and many beautiful things sprout in the hearts, God made for us only one soulmate. God makes for us one helper—that's Himself. He comes to us in different forms and likenesses. So, when you are tempted and tried remember always to run back to Him.

Let us trust him in all things. He will never abandon us.

© 2018 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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